Netherlands Youth Institute

About us

The Netherlands Youth institute is the knowledge centre committed to collecting, enriching, interpreting and sharing topical knowledge on youth, professionalism and the youth services infrastructure.

This is our contribution to safer, healthier and more favourable lives of children, young people and their parents.

Dutch Youth Policy

Dutch children are among the happiest and healthiest in the world, according to much international research. Still, a large number of children and young people need extra support and care during their upbringing.

In 2015, the Dutch municipalities have been made responsible for the whole continuum of welfare, support and care for all citizens, including children, young people and families in need of help. This is a major opportunity for transforming policies and services towards integrated approaches.

Contact us

We are always interested in getting to know colleagues abroad working in the field of support for children, youth and families.

Feel free to contact us to exchange views, knowledge and best practices concerning child, youth and family policy and support.

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