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This page offers useful links to relevant information about youth policy in Europe and the Netherlands.

European networks

The Netherlands Youth Institute participates in different European knowledge networks focused on youth and families. The goal of these networks is to exchange knowledge and practices between countries.

Eurochild  is a network of organizations and individuals working across Europe to improve the quality of life for children and young people. Eurochild has 135 members in 35 European countries and is funded by the European Commission.

European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy
The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP) is an online database with knowledge and information on young people across Europe. Its goal is to enhance knowledge transfers on youth research, policy and practice in Europe and beyond. The Netherlands Youth Institute is the Dutch national correspondent for the EKCYP.

The Pool of European Youth Researchers
The Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR) consists of 25 researchers from different European countries, including the Netherlands. This pool provides a platform for consultation and knowledge exchange on new developments in the field of youth research and youth policy at European and national levels. It also provides the European Union and the Council of Europe with advice on youth policy strategies, trends and developments.

European Social Network
The European Social Network (ESN) is a network for local public social services in Europe. The ESN has more than 120 member organizations in 35 countries, including national associations of directors, departments of social welfare within governments, regions, counties and municipalities, funding and regulatory agencies, universities and other research organizations.

Logo Youth Wiki

Youth Wiki
The Youth Wiki is Europe's online encyclopaedia in the area of national youth policies. The platform is a comprehensive database of national structures, policies and actions supporting young people. It covers eight main fields of action: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, participation, voluntary activities, social inclusion, youth and the world, and creativity and culture. The Netherlands Youth Institute maintains the Dutch Youth Wiki, a comprehensive database on national structures, policies and actions supporting young people.

Dutch government

Websites that offer information in English on Dutch youth policy and general policy in the Netherlands.
Central access point for all information on government organizations in the Netherlands.

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Dutch Ministry responsible for public health, health care, quality of life, social work and sport.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Dutch Ministry responsible for education, culture, science, research, gender equality and communications.

Research institutes

Dutch research institutes that offer information in English on Dutch youth policy.

Youth Monitor
The National Youth Monitor is a summary of information, available in print and online, on the situation of young people in the Netherlands.

Movisie is the national knowledge institute offering a comprehensive approach of social issues.

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Centre of expertise that aims to promote the health of the population and the environment by providing protection against health risks and environmental damage.

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
Statistical information on a wide range of themes, such as health, welfare, labour and social security.