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This page offers an introduction to Youth Wiki, Europe's online encyclopedia with regards to youth policy.

Eight main fields of action in accordance with the European Youth Strategy (2010-2018):

  • education and training
  • employment and entrepreneurship
  • health and well-being
  • participation
  • voluntary activities
  • social inclusion
  • youth and the world
  • creativity and culture


It gives information about the national structures on youth policy, especially concerning young people aged 15 to 25. In 2019 it has information on 28 countries of the European Union and Turkey.

Comparative reviews

It can be used as reference and to inspire about policy issues for youth researchers and policy makers. Comparative reviews are published about Voluntary activities (2018) and about Participation and Social Inclusion (2019). Each review gives a short description about remarkable features and can be read online through five interactive maps of Europe.


Youth Wiki will continue to provide up to date information about national youth policy in Europe in accordance with the current European Youth Strategy (2019-2027). A new chapter about Youth Work will be published in spring 2020 and more comparative reviews are planned for the next year.

The Netherlands Youth Institute runs the national correspondence for Youth Wiki about the Netherlands. For more information you can contact Letty Darwish at

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