Netherlands Youth Institute

About the Netherlands Youth Institute

This page gives an overview of the ambition and the main activities of the Netherlands Youth Institute.

Mission and ambition

Our drive is to improve the lives of children, young people, their parents and other educators. Many people share this goal. In order to achieve it, building on appropriate knowledge is crucial.


Kennis delen

The Netherlands Youth Institute wants every child to have a happy childhood. Together with other parties we will be better able to answer current issues. The lives of children, young people and parents play an important role. In order to achieve our mission, we promote the use of knowledge on growing up in a healthy, safe and promising environment. We make sure that this knowledge reaches everyone who might benefit from it and that it is put to use. Moreover, we aim to learn from outcomes and results.

Using, learning and developing knowledge: that is what it is all about.

So our motto is: 'Learning together and doing what works'.

Public duty

The Netherlands Youth Institute has a public duty. That is why we receive funding from the central government. Our knowledge is available to everyone via our website, through meetings and lectures, in dialogue sessions and debates. We also offer a wide variety of publications.

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